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Hunt Brothers Warehousing & Distribution

Hunt Brothers are now part of H&M Distribution for all business enquires please visit the main website at:

From our 100’000 sq ft secure warehousing facility we can offer racked and block stacked storage and handle both palletised and non palletised goods.

Hunt Brothers extensive experience in warehousing gives us a detailed knowledge of our customer’s specific requirement.

All goods stored are monitored by our stock control systems giving our customers up to date information of stock levels.

The premises are secured by a 2.4 metre palisade perimeter fence and monitored by CCTV and mobile security guards.

We also offer the facility of a weighbridge providing accurate control of all products received and despatched.

For full details of our warehousing service or to arrange an appointment please contact us.


  • Racked Storage
  • Blocked Stacked Storage
  • Container Stuff & De-Stuff
  • Pick & Pack
  • Bulk Bagging & De-Bagging
  • Rip & Tip
  • Weighbridge